Dog Air Conditioner FAQ'S

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us using the contact form on the front page.

How Do You Hook up the ClimateRight LLC® Dog Air Conditioner?

You will need the accessory kit that is provided to you free for now. There will be an extra charge for it in the future. Complete installation instructions will be provided.


Is it Safe to Use Outdoors and Indoors?

The dog air conditioner is made to withstand weather conditions in all areas of the country. Be sure to use an appropriate weather resistant UL approved extension cord specially made for outdoor use if needed. We do not recommend using the unit indoors. ClimateRight cannot warrant for indoor usage since a custom venting system for heat to escape using cooling mode must be constructed and installed.


Is it Environmentally Friendly?

Yes it is a green product due to its energy efficiency and there are no carbon or dangerous emissions.

How Does the Unit Operate?

In order to get maximum life out of the compressor, the unit is designed to run for a minimum of three minutes before it kicks off. Because of that we found that the unit would actually reduce the inside temp below the set temp on the control panel. Due to the protection failsafe, the unit will reduce the inside tempature about 6 degrees below the setting on the control panel. So while the unit will run at least three minutes it will not be constantly cooling and will only cool when needed.


Can I Leave it on Continuously?

Yes you can use ClimateRight continuously to help maintain temperature and humidity or for short periods to cool down an area quickly.

How Much Power Does ClimateRight Consume?

The power consumption is as follows. Usually, it costs less than $1/day depending on the price of electricity from your power supplier. 

Why is ClimateRight Better for Small Spaces?

The unit runs with a smaller compressor than almost all bigger units on the market, and thus is not “overkill” with too much cold or too much hot. It optimizes the small climate space with very little energy consumption.

Is There Any Maintenance?

Proper maintenance of your ClimateRight portable air conditioning unit is important to maintain a valid warranty and ensure your unit operates properly and lasts for years to come. The following regular maintenances are required during Year 1 in order to maintain the Standard Warranty:

Clean or replace filters frequently – as needed. Depending on your application, this may be as frequently as weekly. Usually monthly cleaning and 6 month filter replacement is acceptable. (Note: Failure to use a filter voids Warranty).
Make sure your hoses have no severe wear in order to maintain air flow and efficiency.
Spray exterior of coil with a light stream of water at an angle towards coil. Do not spray a heavy stream or water directly into coil as there are mechanical and electrical components inside. A light coil rinsing should be done every 30 days when filter is changed. For optimum performance, use an aerosol can of no rinse coil cleaner. However, when using commercial cleaning products please consult a qualified HVAC technician. Commercial grade cleaners and aerosols can be harmful or fatal if mishandled.

NOTE: The same regular maintenance program should continue to be followed after the first year to insure optimal performance of your unit.